Assisting Manual Users

Since August 2019

What We Offer

  • Auto fill that works on many websites
  • Auto checkout from a growing list of supported websites/platforms (Shopify, Stripe, Supreme, Big Commerce, DIY,..)
  • Supports DIY (do it yourself) auto fill and auto click
  • Allows different profile/setup per website/platform
  • Data are stored locally; Use on multiple machines
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Import/export data and create/update/delete profiles
  • Chrome Extension works on English websites and browser
  • Chrome Extension still using Manifest V2, read here


Support is available on Discord and email Monday to Friday (Pacific Time)


Continuous update throughout the year


Users are provided with multiple practice websites to hone their skills.

Proven Success

Check out our success through the years.

Payment Options

Subscription (1 Day)

$6 CAD

Subscription (7 Days)

$12 CAD

Subscription (30 Days)

$24 CAD

~ $24 CAD/month
  • NO REFUND! Please read Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before purchasing
  • NO GUIDE/SETUP! We do not provide guide/setup for all drops/releases
  • STILL USING MANIFEST V2! Please read Migrating to MV3
  • Product is bound to Discord account upon purchase (unbind/resell not allowed)
  • Subscription requires manual renewal
  • Extension is provided as a zip file